Company Introduction

Cheng Yu Plastic Company Limited specializes in engineering polymer compounding for over 20 years. Throughout the years we have successfully developed many different special grades of engineering plastics of our own brand including Flame Retardant(FR)、Glass Fiber (GF) ReinforcedLight Shielding and ReflectingLight Disperse (LED Product covers)、Impact ModifiedLubricatingUV ResistingHigh Gloss/Anti-ScratchHigh Density and various Alloys suitable for specific, high quality and demanding needs of various industries.

Our company offers not just products of our own brand. We also provide custom formulation compounding and unique coloring (color-matching) services that could meet client’s specific requirements. Our Color-matching centre also utilizes worldwide standards such as Pantone, RAL and DIC for our compounds.

Many of our products meet the UL-94 standards and comply with various other environmental standards around the world. Our engineering and manufacturing team always strives for improvements to ensure our products are of the highest quality and guarantee on time delivery.

Moreover, our Laboratory can provide physical testing services and analysis to aid our clients in their material selection and even cost reductions.